BDN District Directory

Senior Leadership Team

District Lead Volunteer: Adrian Sinclair

District Chair: Sean Wade

Programme Team

Programme Team Leader: Rose Thompson

Programme Team Member: Jo Bailey

Programme Team Member: Diana McNaughton

Programme Team Member: Sam Starling-Fletcher

Programme Team Member: Brian Taverner

Nights Away Advisor: Andy Dodkins

Nights Away Advisor: Rob McNaughton

Nights Away Team: Nights Away Notifications

Support Team

Support Team Leader: Anna Skipton

District HQ Manager: Malcolm Beerling

Fundraising: Adventure Island Tickets

14-24 Team

Network Scout Commissioner: Andy Dodkins

Explorer Scout Administrator: Georgie Mountain

Explorer Unit Leader – Columbus-Bellahoj: Taffy Humphries

Explorer Unit Leader – Cook-Bellahoj: Taffy Humphries

Explorer Unit Leader – Ibn Battuta: Nadiya Mohamed-Umer

Explorer Unit Leader – Young Leaders: Dan Skipton


1st Barking: Rob McNaughton

2nd Newham (Busby): Kate Christie

4th Barking & Dagenham: Teri Keenan

6th Dagenham (St Marys): Stuart Bailey

7th Newham Salaam: Elyas Ismail

8th Barking: Jill May

8th Newham (Beckton): Chris Asafo-Agyei

9th Dagenham: Rose Thompson and Leigh Dowling

10th/18th Dagenham: Julie Salter

11th Newham West: Jo Bailey

16th Dagenham: Adrian Sinclair

17th Barking: Cathy Barns

19th Barking & Dagenham: Rob McNaughton

46th Newham (Phoenix): Yolanda Musinguzi

All Group Lead Volunteers

Adventurous Activity Permit Holders

Please note that permit holders will help if they can, but their availability is not guaranteed.

Archery: Jude Adigwe

Archery: Chris Brooker

Archery: Caitlin McNaughton

Archery: Georgie Mountain

Archery: Dan Skipton

Hill Walking (Terrain 1 Summer): Dan Skipton

Hill Walking (Terrain 2 Summer): Tom Keyworth-Munns